Govadeck composite wood for your pool terrace

A 100% Belgian solution, ideal for our climate

Govadeck wooden terrace

With our weather, a 100% Belgian composite wood terrace is a smart choice and very aesthetic

Y ou like wood and a natural look for your pool terrace but you already know that you don't have the time or the desire to spend your Saturday afternoons with a high pressure cleaner and varnish. GGILPRO , with its philosophy of offering you the best, proposes you the Govadeck composite wood for your pool terrace.

You love to walk barefoot around the pool and your kids have fun running after each other or jumping into the water. You want to feel the texture of the wood without the risk of slipping or injuring yourself with a splinter.

GGILPRO has chosen to work with Govadeck because they combine the beauty and warmth of wood and the ease of recycled plastic.

Govadeck boards

All the elegance of wood without the constraints

Govadeck composite wooden pool terraces have the advantages of natural wood without its disadvantages :

  • They are very aesthetic and come in several colors from sand beige to pure black and in several shades of grey and brown
  • They are made of non-slip material
  • They are weatherproof
  • They are easy to install
  • They do not require any maintenance
  • They do not rot and they are moss free

What can we say about their finishing : whether you choose the smooth or grooved version, the elements to attach them are invisible. This gives your terrace that soft and harmonious impression of merging with the surroundings of your swimming pool.
GGILPRO advises you according to the shape and layout of your pool and takes care of the installation of your Govadeck terrace.

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How to maintain your Waterair pool?

Green water, trouble water and the appearance of algae are potential risks when starting with a swimming pool. This is why GGILPRO is your long-term pool partner. We are here to advise you, explain the processes, equipment and products to be used. To make your pool a pleasure and much more.

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Wondering which material is ideal for your pool terrace. You hesitate between natural stone, tiles, wood, driftwood, composite wood or klinkers. You dream of a romantic and practical terrace at the same time in the Kempen, in Hainaut, Hesbaye, the Polders, the Fagnes or the Ardennes. GGILPRO puts its experience at your service everywhere in Belgium.

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